Do I need to clean my rental car before returning it?

What heaven it would be for me but no, you’re on vacation, enjoy it. Return the car hassle free, without worrying about cleaning up after your trip; but, be mindful, there can be a cleaning fee for excessive filth such as requiring upholstery cleaning, spilled beverages, stains, pet hair, smoke removal, water/salt damage, interior sunblock stains or your dirty socks when you realize, “socks?”.

- No spray-on sunscreen, use reef-safe sunscreen only and apply your sunblock while you are outside of the vehicle.

Do you have airport pick up in Kahului OGG or anywhere else?

Yes, we have free Pickup & Drop-off at any hotel in Kahului including the Kahului airport between the hours of 8AM and 5PM. Before or after those hours, we make your vehicle pick-up/drop-off simple by using airport parking! We can even deliver or pick up your car in Kihei, Ma’alaea or Lahaina including the JHN Kapalua airport for a small fee. **To expedite pick-up** - Text as SOON as you land & then AGAIN once you have your bags and are ready for pick up at the baggage claim area curbside** 1.808.866.MAUI (6284) Emergency contact cell phone: 1.603.547.5798

What is required to rent a car in Maui?

Each Primary and Additional Drivers must—

-have a valid United States driver’s license, or international drivers permit. All international drivers must also have their own valid country specific drivers license.

-be at least 21 years of age.

-have valid proof of full coverage insurance and/or if you do not already have your own full coverage, then you will need to purchase our Insurance Protection Waivers to satisfy at least our minimum full coverage. For example: we must see valid proof of insurance that covers your rental car in Hawaii with full comprehensive, collision and liability in the form of a Declaration Page and/or Certificate of Insurance with the drivers name specifically listed and showing your specific coverages and deductible amounts. And/or a valid major credit card benefits packet information showing its Collision benefits which must also be the card you are using to pay for the rental and in the primary renter’s name.

No, Additional drivers are free as long as each driver has proof of full coverage insurance that shows they are covered renting a car in the U.S. Most companies charge an additional $12-$15/day for each additional driver; we do not.

Do you charge for Additional Drivers?

Do I need my own insurance or use yours?

You need one or the other. Insurance is very important and difficult to understand, but we can help. You can use use your own at no extra charge or buy our Insurance Protection Waivers. You're responsible for the Vehicle while it's in your possession during your trip so it’s important to double and triple check with your insurance provider to ensure that you have full comprehensive, collision and liability insurance that will cover you and your additional drivers during the entire rental period for you rental car in Hawaii. There are a lot of foreigners who aren’t accustom to the local laws and/or language and half the drivers are unfamiliar with the roads and their cars, add jet-lag, epic scenery and vacation brain and then shake it all up - practice defensive driving! If you’re not using our Insurance Protection Waivers then we require proof of insurance via a “Declaration Page” PDF obtained from your insurance provider and preferably emailed to We are not qualified to evaluate the adequacy of the Renters existing coverage and it is up to the Renter(s) to examine his or her credit card policies and/or personal auto insurance policies and/or other sources of coverage.  Your credit card and/or insurance may partially or fully cover rental cars in Hawaii but without proof, you may need our Collision and/or Liability Protection Waivers at an additional charge. For our full coverage insurance protection waivers you will need both the CDW & LW and they must be purchased at the start of your Rental.

We can offer long-term discounts for coverage.

-Similar virtually all-inclusive coverage usually costs up to $85/day at most major rental car companies. There are numerous other ways obtain Rental Car Insurance through 3rd parties companies or increase your existing auto coverage to cover rental cars in Hawaii. We make it easy and often cheaper for you by offering our Insurance Protection Waivers